Can I bring my dog?

Sadly not – much as we love them, (I mean we really love them, having four of our own!) however we have to consider the impact on wildlife, young children, and of course the fairies – assistance dogs are allowed.

Is Northwood Trail wheelchair accessible?

We’ve done our best to make the trail suitable for wheelchair users, however it is a stoned wild woodland track, which can get muddy and rutted.

What do I wear?

The sanctuary is primarily an outside experience and kids love being outside whatever the weather – and it’s great for them! But please wrap up if it’s chilly or wet and please wear appropriate footwear.

Can I bring a pushchair on the trail?

Yes – however the paths are stoned not tarmac and get can muddy and rutted.

What age range is Northwood suitable for?

The ideal range is probably 2-12 years old, however we have created the trail to appeal to adults as well as children. It is after all, a beautiful walk through the woods and we have noticed adults are as delighted and fascinated by the fairy structures and artefacts as kids are…

Do I have to book online?

Yes – we’re a small attraction so at the moment we only take bookings for Northwood online, so we can better manage the numbers and car parking.

Can I buy a gift card or annual pass for someone else?

Yes of course – please email us for details.

I can’t live without my daily flat white – can I get a decent coffee at Northwood?

Oh yes! We take our coffee very, very seriously – it’s delicious, organic and fairly traded. We also have a great range of locally sourced food and snacks available at the Northwood Woodland Kitchen.

Is there Wifi or a phone signal?

The Woodland Guardians will not allow us to have Wifi in the sanctuary and they do sometimes interfere with the generally good phone signal! We encourage everyone to have some real world fun at the sanctuary and check their emails and social media at home.

Can I smoke in the sanctuary?

Sorry but absolutely not, however we do allow smoking in the Woodland Kitchen courtyard – we are passionate about keeping the woodland as pristine as possible and take every precaution against forest fires.

Can I bring a picnic?

Sadly not! The many and varied woodland critters attracted by food mean we don’t allow picnicking in the woods, however we do have a Woodland Kitchen serving food as well as drinks and of course ice creams – we ask everyone to be vigilant about littering.

Can we bring bikes?

I’m afraid the fun police don’t allow us to have bikes on the trail – you can cycle to us though.

Can adults visit without children?

Of course – we have noticed that Northwood appeals as much to adults as children and is a wonderful place to enjoy nature, revel in the adorable fairy displays and get a fantastic cup of organic coffee.

What happens if it rains?

Well we’re British, and so we plough on regardless. The trees provide a lot of shelter and there are also some rain shelters around the sanctuary – however we encourage everyone to develop an appreciation of the woodland whatever the weather. Also, it smells just heavenly after the rain…

Will boys enjoy the trail as much as girls?

Absolutely – Northwood fairies aren’t pink and glittery if that’s what you’re worried about. We are a genuine fairy sanctuary and thus look after a wide range of fairy species, which should appeal to both genders.

Is there an inside play area in the sanctuary?

We have the fairy museum – full of fascinating fairy artefacts, but definitely more of a looking than playing space. The Woodland Kitchen is a great place to cosy up in bad weather though and we have a covered veranda surrounding the café. We notice kids love to play outside whatever the weather – we have an outside play area.

Can I hire the whole of Northwood?

Yes – there are various options available, please drop us an email for info.

Returns Policy?

Our tickets are non –refundable. We are happy to offer a complimentary return visit in special circumstances (e.g. In the event of the trail being closed due to extreme weather).