Meet St Nicholas and Lady Winter in their Yuletide grottos this Christmas.

Our St Nicholas mirrors the Father Christmas of the past: a wandering storyteller, miracle-worker and a protector of children, bringing light, generosity, abundance and celebration to the dark months of winter. He is one of the fairy folk: the Holly King, clothed all in green and crowned in evergreens and ivy. Lady Winter, his female counterpart, is the introspective part of winter. In her grotto, experience the beauty in the barrenness of winter, which she tells us brings an opportunity to rest, to be still and to dream. She shows us the gift of silence and inner strength that can be found find in the cold and solitude winter brings.

Please note because of the current situation , and to comply with changing guidelines, each story session with St Nicholas can hold up to 40 people maximum and we will be selling tickets by the “table” that can hold up to 5 (5 wooden stump seating around a stump table, i.e. 8 tables socially distanced in the marquee grotto.) the “table” ticket prices are for 3, 4 or 5 people and includes the fairy trail ticket, fairy museum with fairy winter display, and like last year includes a magic pebble for making a wish in Lady winters well. (virucidally cleaned). We understand this might mean collaborating with friends to make a table.

Dress warmly, and gather, socially distanced, in the Northwood kitchen courtyard – where there will be a fire – or in the courtyard marquee 15 minutes before the start time to allow us to guide each “table” to Lady winter and onto St Nicholas grotto. Enjoy a glass of hot punch (alcoholic and non-alcoholic available), before being taken to the woodland grotto to make a wish with Lady Winter and then a short story with St Nicholas, a very experienced story teller, aimed at the whole family.

Please be aware, if you are looking for a red Santa Claus this isn’t it! This Christmas event will be an atmospheric Christmas of stories, lanterns and imagination. (Children won’t receive a toy but something more meaningful and symbolic instead, a wishing stone as well as chocolate coin.)

2022 dates and times coming soon.

Book online only here.

Lady winter