About us

The Van Outersterps originally trained in landscape architecture and fashion, and along with their four children they have been custodians of the woodland since 2008 when they led the UK into a glamping revolution. This followed on from 10 years designing and making fireplaces for the rich and famous, where they won a host of awards and accolades, including a coveted Prince of Wales medal from HRH Prince Charles.

Van Outersterp family standing together in woodland

Eldest daughter Galatea, a writer and illustrator has a formidable knowledge of the history and culture of Northwood, she has acquired a substantial library of writings on fairy folklore and uncovered the forgotten history of this remarkable place. An expert on the writings of Professor Howland, Galatea has painstakingly pieced together the history of the New Society of Arcane Natural History. Galatea is also known as The Authentic Observer, a Youtuber discussing books, culture and art.

Northwood’s hundred acre wood is very close to this family’s heart: they have always loved this magical woodland and, appalled by the quality of children’s attractions, wanted to create a natural experience that appealed to adults and children equally. “We’ve always disliked the patronising of children, from the youngest ages our kids always hated anything overtly “childish” – who says all kids love bright colours and naff cartoon characters? In our experience children have a huge capacity to appreciate nature, beauty and intricacy.”

Consequently Northwood is a very unique attraction indeed…

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